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Fast Slim Healthy Diet Plans

For maximum choice and variety, bioslimherb.com Weight Loss Program includes a total of 9 DELICIOUS DIET PLANS to help you lose weight and maintain good health. You can switch from one diet to another at any time.

And the best thing is you can try any or all of my weight loss plans free of charge. For limited time I am giving access to all nine diet plans plus the tons of advice and tips in my exclusive members area.

My Weight Loss Plans Will Help You Lose Weight FOREVER

If you follow any of my diet plans you are GUARANTEED to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF forever. Unlike fad diets my weight loss methods are effective in the long run because they teach how to live your life, and change your eating habits & patterns, in a way that you can sustain over time.

So why wait? Get started today on one of my simple diet plans while they are available to you for free. Choose from the list below.

9 Complete Diet Plans

Low GI Weight Loss Diet for Better Blood Glucose ControlLow GI Diet
Designed for people who need to lose weight and stabilize blood-sugar
Such as diabetics or people suffering from insulin insensitivity

Healthy Low Carbohydrate DietLow Carb Diet
Popular Healthy Low-Carbohydrate Weight Loss Plan
For the fastest possible weight loss

Balanced Weight Loss DietBalanced Diet
No-nonsense Weight Loss Plan
A Non-Fad Diet - Lose weight without feeling deprived!

14-Day Low Calorie DietLow Calorie Booster Diet
Low Calorie for Guaranteed Fast Weight Loss
14-Day plan guaranteed to boost metabolism and speed-up weight loss

Low Cholesterol DietCholesterol-Lowering Diet
Low in Fat, Low in Cholesterol, High in Fiber
A delicious weight loss plan for people with raised cholesterol

Easy Vegetarian DietVegetarian Quick-Start Diet
Fast, Easy, Tasty Meals to Help You Lose Weight
A perfect weight loss plan for new or experienced vegetarians

Convenience Food Diet10-Minute Meals Diet
Fast Meals to Make Weight Loss Easy
Ideal for Dieters "Who Have No Time to Cook"

Long Term Weight Loss PlanDiet for Life
Stay Lean and Healthy for Life
An Easy Long Term Weight Loss Plan

Long Term Weight Loss Plan for VegetariansVegetarian Diet for Life
Stay Lean and Healthy for Life
An Easy Long Term Weight Loss Plan for Vegetarians

Get Instant Access to ALL 9 Diets

  • You may download any/all of the diets in E-book format (pdf)
  • Each diet contains full range of meal-plans, recipes and snacks
  • Full range of food-substitutions for picky eaters
  • Calorie-values given for all foods
  • Advice on Dining Out
  • Shopping Lists
  • Hundreds of delicious recipes
  • Nutritionist-Designed for Optimum Health

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