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What Low-Calorie Snacks Satisfy a Sweet Tooth?

A common problem when dieting, is how to satisfy your sweet tooth. Yes, we all know that fresh fruit is a great low-calorie snack, but what if we want something different? Answer: Choose one of the following options:




WEIGHT LOSS Refrigerator Options

- 1/2 Italian chocolate ice
- 1/2 cup Sorbet
- 1/2 cup frozen yogurt
- Tofutti fudge treat
- 1 cup frozen grapes
- 1 sugar free popsicle
- Blue Bunny Ice Cream Bar
- Blue Bunny Ice Cream Cone
- Skinny Cow Low-Carb Ice Cream Sandwich
- Fat Free (or Sugar-Free) Jell-O Chocolate Pudding
- Fat Free Jell-O Vanilla Caramel Sundae
- Jell-O Smoothie
- Fruit yogurt with tablespoon of granola (or Kashi)
- Freeze 1/2 cup any fruit juice to make your own simple sorbet

WEIGHT LOSS Fruit Options

- 1 cup mixed berries topped with 2 tbsp low-fat Cool Whip
- Dip slices of fruit (eg. strawberries) in Fat Free Jell-O Chocolate Fudge Pudding
- 20 chocolate covered raisins
- 8-10 dried apricots

WEIGHT LOSS Candy/Cookie Options

- Chocolate Chip Kudos Bar
- Snickers Kudos Bar
- 5 Miss Meringue Chocolate Chip Cookies, or
- 10 Miss Meringue Mini-Chocolate Chip Cookies

WEIGHT LOSS Breads/Cereal Bar Options

- Kelloggs All-Bran Honey Oat or Brown Sugar Cinnamon Bar
- Jordans Cereal Bar
- 1 serving Special K with Berries and fat-free milk
- 1 slice Raisin bread with tsp jelly
- Cinnamon-raisin toast with a little butter
- TLC crackers from Kashi
- 1 slice whole wheat toast topped with slices of apple and cinnamon.
- 1 slice whole wheat toast topped w. 1/2 mashed banana, drizzled with honey
- Sourdough English muffin with tsp jelly/preserves

WEIGHT LOSS Drink Options

- Stir 2 tsp Chocolate Syrup into a cup of black coffee for a great Café Mocha
- Sugar-free hot chocolate
- Sugar-free Hot Chocolate topped with mini-marshmallows
- Any herbal tea w/2 tsp honey

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